★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★ By ziuziuziu x) From my daily life experiences, I know that rice can taste pretty boring :( I have absolutely no idea if these will suit your tastes or not but ... haha just endure it. These are ways to make your rice tastier (or healthier)!! ~~~~FOR THE SWEET-TOOTHS~~~~ You can use fruits such as APPLES , MANGOS , ORANGES , PEARS , PINEAPPLES ... etc ...and cut them up into small pieces. ( small enough to mix with rice i guess..) or Add sprinkles/chocolate chips WARNING THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR DIETERS! :( or

Rice selection?

Okay, so I've finally decided to venture into proper japanese rice. (Yes, until now I've been eaten long grain, non sticky rice. Blasphemy!). I have bought it in the past, but that was about 3 years ago when I made sushi in Foods class, so needless to say I don't remember much. I did read the rice posts on here, so I had some idea of what to look for, but I'm not sure which of these are actually japanese rice and are going to give me that nice stickyness necessary in order to make things like onigiri. Choices: 1. Labeled as: "Kohuko Rose".
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Furikake stencils

I recently bought a few packets of stencils for sprinkling furikake to make trains, cats or rabbits. Stupidly, I read the instructions once then threw them out before actually using it. When I went to try it, the furikake didn't stay anywhere I wanted it too, and what was there came off when I took away the stencil. What's the trick?

Rice substitutes?

So, I'm planning on making bento boxes for my mom and I this year. I'm starting to plan and get ready now, but I ran into a problem, my mom asked if it's going to be rice every day. I told her no, but I'm not really sure what else I could use in the place of rice. I was thinking about quinoa, and noodles on occasion, but are there any other things I could use to replace rice every once in a while? Thanks in advance :3
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Question for Japanese members about rice

Hello, I'm doing some research for my website. Can you please tell me if your family has rice during dinner, or at the end of the meal, with pickles and miso soup? The reason I ask is because my family always has (and had) rice at the end of the meal, with pickles and soup. This is also the way rice is served at the traditional better restaurants in Japan, so I always assumed it was the norm. However, after starting Savory Japan, I heard from some Japanese natives who had a different experience, with rice served during the meal.
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Authentic paella?

Hi everyone! I know we have some Spanish members here (Jiza, Loretta...anyone else?) Anyway - I was recently asked for an 'authentic' paella recipe, and realized I don't have a clue! I'm wondering what to you is an 'authentic' paella? Do you need a paella pan? What kind of rice? What should go in it? What are the must-have characteristics? Please chime in whether you're Spanish or not, if you love paella :)
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(From the forum - a sign of the times?) Hi guys! I recently learned that there's a new food fad in Japan called "Neko-manma", which consists of rice mixed and matched with various toppings. "Neko-manma", which literally translates into kitty food, refers to leftovers like rice mixed with miso soup or whatever was from the night before. It was probably named because people in the old days would give that to pets. But the present-day neko-manma completely shatters preconceived notions. Some of these topping combos are unexpected, like potato chips and mayo (boy do Japanese people love mayonnaise!), others are not that out of the blue, for example, oden and the soup from it poured onto the rice, or natto and okra and egg. Books dedicated to neko-manma (the one I just saw was http://news.walkerplus.com/2009/0223/3/photo16.html) are popping up and selling like hotcakes because they are very cheap (you don't need many ingredients, and you can use leftovers too...the link above's main catchphrase is "One Meal for 30yen"), easy to make at home (you just need to pour everything on top of a bowl of rice, and you don't really need to cook much), and easy to clean and eco-friendly too (you only need one rice bowl).
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