★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★ By ziuziuziu x) From my daily life experiences, I know that rice can taste pretty boring :( I have absolutely no idea if these will suit your tastes or not but ... haha just endure it. These are ways to make your rice tastier (or healthier)!! ~~~~FOR THE SWEET-TOOTHS~~~~ You can use fruits such as APPLES , MANGOS , ORANGES , PEARS , PINEAPPLES ... etc ...and cut them up into small pieces. ( small enough to mix with rice i guess..) or Add sprinkles/chocolate chips WARNING THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR DIETERS! :( or

Bento seduction?

I don't know how many of you here in the states listen to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, but I'll be featured in today's episode on many NPR stations. Check your local listings! You can also hear the interview and see why I'm the inaugural Gastrosexual of the Month for May at --sadly the producers edited out the part where I spoke about Just Bento and Maki, but I think it was the photo I sent in of my Girl's Day bento that clinched the win. Woo ;-)
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