Packed Bento Box Examples

Here are some examples of packed bento boxes. Use them as a starting point to create your own bentos!


A classic Japanese style bento using winter vegetables (since it's still pretty cold here) made by my mom from bento stash ingredients.


The Guy Does Bento is back, with a bento featuring his favorite way of eating chicken.


Here are some bentos made by a typical busy Japanese mom - my sister Mayumi - for her two kids.


The Guy comes up with a manly meat-and-potatoes bento with not a rice grain in sight.


A substantial bento with some pretty strong flavors.


The guy steps it up with a riff on an Okinawan speciality, taco rice.

This is a series of posts featuring bentos made by my spouse, aka The Guy. The Guy is not Japanese, didn't grow up with bentos (but loves the ones I make for him) and is somewhat tentative in the kitchen when he gets out of his comfort zone. See how he gets along in the world of bentos.


The Guy makes his first foray into the world of bento making.


Bento contents:

Total calories (approx): 630 cal (how calories are calculated)

Time needed: 5-10 minutes to assemble in the morning from pre-made components

Type: Japanese, a perennial favorite


Here's a very Japanese, vegetable based spring bento from a few weeks ago.