Grilling kasuzuke

I just bought some black cod kasuzuke at the Japanese grocer because it sounded interesting to try. Anyone want to chime in on the best way to prepare it? My plan right now just includes soy sauce, green onion, mirin, hot oil. Is there a typical side dish served with it? Also, would you wash off the marinating sauce of sake lees or kind of grill the fish in its own juices, as it were? Thanks for any help.
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How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home (Moonshine the safe way.)

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for your actions. If doing this breaks your country's laws and you do it anyway, you could spend time in jail. If you are not careful, you could also get yourself killed by drinking too much, drinking poorly made likker or driving thereafter. If your still is a piece of crap, it could explode, or if you made it out of a radiator you could die of lead poisoning. Don't be stupid. This recipe is for educational purposes only. This article is about Making Moonshine. I have copied alot of this info from another of my posts on another website. MALTING First select your grain to be malted. Some popular grains for this are wheat, barley, corn(Zea maize), rye, oats, & rice.
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Country Ale in a Jar

The following is a recipe for an ancient beverage known as mead. This one is a beer version similar to the one s drank by my ancestors on feast days. The color, flavor, head thickness, and nose of this beer depend entirely on three things: water quality, yeast variety, and the honey used. Your success in even getting beer is almost entirely dependent on cleanliness. For almost a pint you will need:
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