So, it looks like spring is finally here for real, and I am thankful as I was starting to get fed up with winter vegetables :P I've been experimenting with making tsukemono, and I'd like to try making misozuke, however the info and direction I have found online are contrasting, especially about the pickling time, from overnight (for example here http://www.openkitchen.net/cook/carrot/carrot-e.html ) to two weeks, up to three months (like here http://www.theblackmoon.com/Jfood/ftsuke.html#miso) °_°
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Help! I'm moving to the mountains and need to know...

I need to know how to start cooking from absolute scratch because the area I'm moving to is a very remote area of Montana and you can't just go to the market and get things for dinner. The nearest food store is an hour away in good weather. I went to school for Horticulture and passed with honors, so growing the food is no problem. I have a supplier of Japanese garden seed and another for things like nori and rice, but I need to know how to make my own fermented, pickled, dried, and canned produce.

A long-time Miso question

Hello JB! :D This is my first forum I create, and it's a question that has been perplexing my little mind for quite awhile. :] I am wondering three things: 1) What is the differences between the types of miso *red, white, etc.? 2) What kind of miso is best to use for miso soup? 3) Is there a way to make the condensed miso (like I've seen for other soups) to pack into a bento? Thank you very much for your time minna, Ari~
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Bugs in my miso!

I opened a pack of white miso I haven't used for a while last night to find the top layer had gone all dark brown and crumbly, like compost, and there were pale little seeds in it. At first I thought the miso had spored or something (?!?) but on closer inspection the "seeds" turned out to be little bugs all wriggling about! What are they? Are they harmful? Are they like the little guys you sometimes get crawling though rice that's been sitting too long on the shelf?
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Vegan miso based soup

I was given an outline of this recipe by an acquaintance who lived in Kyushu, South West Japan and it's now become a household staple. - Into a large saucepan add a mixture of vegetable oils (I suggest good quality olive oil, canola/rape seed oil, and sesame oil). A tablespoon or two in total should be enough. - Gently heat a sliced onion until soft.
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