Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags and Bands now available!

In time for the back to school! Pack a lunch for your child (or yourself) in a stylish handmade lunch bag! I designed these bags originally to accommodate a Japanese bento style lunch box and a bottle of water or juice for my son. The bag folds up small enough to be tucked in a purse or pocket for storage. Also great for : • for American style lunches • as a small project bag • a small tote • a gift bag • a small shopping bag • a purse • Trick or Treat bag for Halloween • and oodles of other uses!
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Bentos and Vegetables.

Hi everyone. I'm not great at eating my vegetables and always had a problem with them as a child, but i would like to fill my bentos with more that just meat and carbs! Does anyone have any recipes i can try with veg that i might actually enjoy? I tried the Maple red peppers but i wasnt so sure and i'm contemplating the orange juice carrots. So if anyone has any other suggestions i'm up for it! :D
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