Long Time no see! I made kimchee sunday. But i have run into a few questions. How spicey is kimchee supose to be? I tried my kimchee today, two days after being made, and it is way way way over spicey. Dad loves spicey food, but my mouth burns after each nibble. Anyway you can tune it down after it's already made? Thanks, Cara
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My kimchee's button is up! >.<

On Monday, I bought a jar of kimchee. Today, I went to eat it and discovered that the "button" is up on top of the jar, even though it has that "sealed for your protection" plastic that has to be taken off before the lid is unscrewed (glass jar, metal lid). I went to the store to exchange it, but stopped by to look at the other jars and discovered that all of the jars had their "buttons" up except for one.
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