A glut of greens

Help! I work in a community garden, and it's greens season! I already plan to make furikake with my radish and beet tops, and I've put "mixed Asian greens," arugula and turnip greens in stir fries, vegan tofu burgers, and curry, but I still have about another 4 cups of turnip greens, and more mixed Asian greens and arugula than I can eat in salads.
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Pea Pods

I bought some peas in pods this week (I was in a hurry and just thought 'Ooh, massive sugar snap peas!' D'oh!) and very much enjoyed the theraputic activity that is podding peas. I was podded a load last night to make this for the umpteenth time: but was feeling a little guilty for chucking out the pods. I even gave one a nibble and it was nice, but a little tougher than those of peas that are cultivated to be eaten in their pods - obviously!
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