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Report any forum spammers here

With the growing popularity of Just Bento and the forum, we have some idiots joining here trying to spoil things for everyone. We try to stamp out the spammers as fast as possible, but sometimes we can't see what they are doing, such as when they spam individual forum members.

If you are spammed in a private message, or see a spammy comment or topic posted, please report the user here. Thanks!

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Looking for one more moderator

Hi folks. Our current moderators are very busy or on the road right now (including me...yes I am still technically homeless, though that should be changing soon, fingers and toes and eyes crossed), so I think we need one or two more moderators to mind the forum. Your tasks are very easy: just greet new people, click a button if you see a spammy or abusive or problematic post to make it go away, and just be friendly. If you think you'd like to be a moderator and get that cool 'moderator' badget next to your name, just shoot me an email at maki at makikoitoh dot com. Thanks!!
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