Sashiko Supplies in the US?

I have a lovely book on sashiko embroidery - but no real sashiko supplies to try it with. I'll tinker with my cotton embroidery thread and thick needle until I can find the real thing. But does anyone know of a US based supplier for the thread, needles, thimble, premarked patterns/fabric (for a beginner), etc.? thanks! Amy
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How to: Make a furoshiki and matching bento belt

(A terrific tutorial from the Just Bento forum!)

Furoshiki are a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. They come in lots of sizes and are used for wrapping gifts, treasures, and bentos. As a bento wrapping they are extremely handy, because in addition to keeping your bento together (if you don't have a belt), and mopping up any small spills of wet stuff that may escape your box on the way to work, they transform into a small tablecloth or napkin when you unwrap your lunch.

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