Frugal Bento Month: How much have you saved?

As part of Frugal Bento Month, I've posted a simple challenge: Keep track of what you're saving by bringing bentos for lunch instead of buying lunch. I thought it might be fun to total up everyone's savings. So, use this thread to let us know how much you've saved (weekly or at the end of the month), and I'll total it up at the end of April!
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So...did you lose any weight during the Challenge?

Just checking to see if those of you following the weight loss track managed to lose some weight! For of this morning, 3kg (about 6.6 pounds)! I'm happy with that, though I was sort of hoping for 10 lb. But slow and steady is good! And, I did do let's say quite a lot of extra sampling...(for recipe development and shooting purposes...the perils of running Just Bento. ^_^) How about you?
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Week 4 - Picky Eater Foods

This week's challenge theme is bentos for other people. One thing that can be very difficult to deal with is if the bento recipient is a picky eater. Especially if the picky eater is YOU!

If you have to deal with picky eaters (including you), what bento-friendly foods can you think of that might, or do, get eaten by those pain in the... I mean, choosy people?

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Challenge Week 4 Talk

The Week 4 Challenge details are up! This week's focus is Bentos for Others. This may not apply to you if you are just making bentos for yourself, so feel free (as always) to focus on your own goals this week! Week 4 officially starts on Monday, Feb. 2. Also, if you have any tips and ideas for bentos for your kids, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother, sister, parent, etc...please share!