Vegan recipes

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Carrot rice two ways vegan, vegetarian, rice, vegetables
Chana Dal with Fennel and Almonds vegan, vegetarian, asian-general, winter, gluten-free, not japanese, beans, also-rans, diabetes, mr. bento, lunch jar
Cooked to death hot and sweet peppers vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, sides, vegetables
Cubed Tofu and Broccoli with Miso and Kochujang (gochujang) vegan, vegetarian, asian-general, tofu, protein
Curried kidney beans and vegetables vegan, not japanese, protein, beans
Glazed Triple-Soy Loaf vegan, japanese, vegetarian, gluten-free, tofu, protein
Gomashio Cookies vegan, gluten-free, snacks
Homemade furikake no. 11: Spicy radish leaves vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 2: Carrot and sesame seeds vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 4: Spicy curry peanut vegan, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, furikake, not japanese
Homemade furikake no. 6: Gomashio, sesame salt vegan, staples, johbisai, furikake
How to make shuumai / shumai dumplings vegan, staples, johbisai, fish, meat
Japanese dry curry with soybeans or tempeh vegan, japanese, vegetarian, beans
Kinpira rice burger and how to keep the rice of the 'bun' together vegan, japanese, rice, gluten-free
Low carb gluten-free freeze dried tofu (kouya dofu) fried sandwich 'bread' vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, tofu, diabetes, low-carb
Lower-calorie higher fibre inarizushi with hijiki vegan, japanese, rice, sushi
Make your own instant vegetable soup concentrate vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, soup
Mediterranean flavored green vegan burgers vegan, vegetarian, tofu, not japanese, vegetables
Miso, tahini and nut paste for broiled or baked root vegetables vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, miso, nuts, sesame
Natto or Tempeh Fried Rice vegan, japanese, vegetarian, rice, gluten-free, beans
Negimiso bento recipes: Misoyaki tofu, Misoyaki onigiri, Misoyaki rice vegan, japanese, vegetarian, rice, miso, tofu
Okowa: Sticky rice with all kinds of good things vegan, japanese, rice, meat
Panfried Komachibu - Vegan 'Scallops' vegan, japanese, vegetarian, protein
Poached frozen tofu and fried frozen tofu cutlets vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, tofu
Poppy seed encrusted green pea mini-burgers vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, not japanese