Hello Kitty bento decorating set now available at J-List


Great news for fans of cute kyaraben, especialy Hello Kitty themed ones: the Hello Kitty bento decorating set that was featured in this post is now available at J-List/JBox! They offer it for $25, which considering the original Japanese price is 1980 yen is not too bad. Now Her Royal Kittiness can invade bento boxes worldwide with consummate ease! Now, can I resist getting a set myself?

(Note: I'm not sure from the description of the product if the second nori punch with the Kassie and Teddy faces is included - although the pictures do show Kassie and Teddy-shaped onigiri with the appropriate nori faces. If this is important to you, you may want to ask J-List if it is included before ordering.) Rita just got hers and let us know that it does include two nori punches!

[Update:] Hmm, maybe someone from J-List is reading JustBento? :) They have two more much-wanted bento decorating accessories that where up until now only available via eBay merchants outside of Japan, if at all: the Niko niko face nori punch sets (set 2), (set 3). With these two sets you could give every single onigiri you make a cute face.

(Disclaimer: JustBento is a J-List affiliate.)

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