And the winners of the Just Bento Cookbook giveaway are...

The winners of the Just Bento Cookbook New Edition giveaway that concluded on Monday are... * Melinda from Massachusetts, USA! and... * Christoph originally from Germany, currently living in Osaka, Japan! Congratulations to Melissa and Christoph! Their signed copies are winging their way to them as we speak (at least I hope so, if The Guy made it to the post office in time...otherwise they'll go out tomorrow ^__^;). And thank you to everyone who entered! I loved reading a little bit about you all. I am constantly amazed at how widespread the Way of Bento has spread around the world - who knew that there are bento fans in Egypt, and Panama, and Turkey, and a lot, lot more! Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone, wherever you may be!
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11 Jun 2019 - 06:19

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