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April is National Financial Awareness Month* in the U.S. And, let's face it, a lot of us are anxious to some degree about the state of the economy, no matter where we live. So in keeping with this, we're going to have a Frugal Bento theme for April here on Just Bento. Judging from forum discussions like Penny Squeezing I have a feeling that a lot of great ideas will be forthcoming!

While we covered the topic of money saving in Week 3 of the Get Started Challenge but I didn't feel like a week was quite enough. This time we'll go really in-depth with bento frugality! During April, I'm going to keep track of how much money I save by making a bento lunch vs. buying lunch. Maybe you'll like to do that too! Even if not, I hope you'll enjoy the frugal-yet-delicious bento recipes, money saving tips and and more that are lined up.

And..that's not all! Just Bento's sister site, Just Hungry, will also running with the Frugal Food theme, especially (though not limited to) as it pertains to cooking Japanese food. You can read more about that over on Just Hungry.

*You can read more about National Financial Awareness Month on here on Get Rich Slowly, one of my favorite personal finance blogs, where they are focusing again on financial literacy this year). I can't think of a better time than now to learn more about fiscal responsibility than in this current economic climate.

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11 Jun 2019 - 06:21

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