Here's to a great bento year! Open thread for your questions and comments about bentos


Happy New Year everyone!

The start of a brand new year is the time for resolutions of course, and many of you reading this may have made bentos part of your plans for 2013. So, if you have any questions or comments about bento-ing - anything at all - this is an open thread post for you to pose them. If you are brand new to bento making, don't be shy and ask anything you like - I know that going through the hundreds of articles here on JustBento can be a bit intimidating. On the other hand, if you're a bento veteran you may want to let the newbies know what about bento making has worked, and what hasn't, for you. And whatever your level of bento-making expertise, if you like let us know what your goals for 2013 are. I'll be answering the most frequently asked and/or interesting questions together in future posts. (Note: I'll be reading your comments on Facebook too but it's best to post your comment here on the site, right below.)

Here's to a great bento 2013!

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