Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

Several people noted how the red, black and white color combination bento from monbento shown in the in-depth review looks like a Pokeball. I just wanted to let Pokémon fans out there know that there's a "real" Pokeball bento box out there.


It is kind of small, at just 170ml capacity. (For the metrically challenged that's a bit less than 3/4 U.S. cups - so it's just about big enough for a yogurt or something, not a full adult size lunch!) And it's rather expensive too. But if you are a die-hard Pokemon fan...or as a gift for the Pokemon fanatic in you life, well, why not? It comes in its own drawstring bag and matching bento band, and is available from <a href="J-List/JBox and

There's also a Pikachu shaped bento box. It too is rather small, at 270ml capacity. In Japan it's clearly cost as a novelty bento box for kids. Here it is in a Pokemon bento-stuff display at a Tokyu Hands store in Japan.


I actually used this bento once, at my book signing/talk back in January 2011 at Kinokuniya bookstore in New York. The bento box was provided by the store, and I filled it with a bento and we gave it away. This is the bottom tier - there's also a second tier. As you can see, it is rather small. But it may work for little kids or someone with a tiny appetite, or as a snack bento box. In any case it's sure to cause a bit of a sensation!


The Pikachu bento box is available on

Finally, if you want to enjoy the world of Pokémon inside your bento box instead, there's a book dedicated to that - in Japanese only, but with plenty of photos. It even comes with a bento box (a plain one, not one of the fancy shaped ones...but hey, plain is practical!) so you can get started right away. it's called 食育レシピでつくる! ポケモンお弁当BOOK - Make it with healthy recipes! Pokemon Obento Book and is available from Amazon Japan. (Note, Amazon Japan will send books-with-free-gifts overseas.)


So, there's plenty out there for the Pokémon and bento fans. ゲットだぜ - Gotta catch 'em all! (maybe ^_^)

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