What to teach others about bento

Hi there! I've been asked to give a workshop on bento at a local kids' store. The attendees would parents looking to start bento for their children (or possibly themselves I'm sure!). My problem is that I've never done such a thing before and would have no idea what to tell people! So... do you have suggestions on what to teach/talk about? I planned to show how to make apple bunnies and hot dog critters (octo dogs, crab dogs) as well as some other cute cuts of veggies, fruits and cheeses. I wanted to talk about how much easier it is to add in a lot of variety since you can put in tiny amounts and that you can more easily see how much your kid is eating (or not eating) and make adjustments since they can't just toss that sandwich bag full of grapes and that foil wrapped 1/2 sammie in the trash. Anyway, what are your suggestions for showing new-to-bento parents of kids "the way of the bento" ;-) Thanks so much! =h