storing uncooked rice

Apparently, my family isn't the ONLY one in the house that likes white rice. I had two different kinds of rice - sushi rice and white rice - both in separate heavy duty ziploc bags. My sushi rice seems to be ok, but when I looked in the white rice, there were a bunch of little white worms! I went through and cleaned it out, but I'm about to cook rice now, a week later, and there are more of them. My mom told me to throw the rice away (I just put it away so I could clean it again later) and get rice from a 25 lbs bag of rice that was taped shut (pretty tightly too, it took a lot of effort to open it). Sure enough when I open it, not only are there these tiny worms, but there are little dead moths as well. I actually almost cried at the sight of my rice bag. Is there any way to save my rice from the bugs? My heavy duty bags don't work and sealing the rice bag does nothing either =/ ~meurtre