Edamame, sesame seed and mandarin orange seaweed salad

Dear Maki... I have really enjoyed your Just Bento website and become such the bento-holic! Your book is amazing, so 'arrigato gozaimas!' I'm a Purser on board American Airlines and we recently had a dish that I thought would make an excellent salad in a bento box. I'm still a novice, but eagerly learn from the masters such as yourself! The dish was some sort of a seaweed saled with dark, thin slices of seaweed (Wakame, Hijiki? I really don't know) It also had edamame, white sesame seeds and a mandarin orange slice on top. I took pictures so you can see what I'm describing. Since I'm such a novice, I don't know the different types of seaweed and what dressing was used. But I CAN tell you that it was deliscious!!! I was unable to attache the photos onto this form so if you'd like to see the photos, I can send them via an email. I thank you in advance for your kind thoughts and your take on this dish. My sincerest regards, Frank