About this section (food)

This is a replacement for the Ask Maki Almost Anything page, which has accumulated 270 comments. I figured that a forum format was much more suited for this kind of thing, so here it is! Please post your food-related questions that you really really want to address to Maki here, rather than the whole community (which should go in the appropriate categories.)

If you have a "What is this food?" type question, and you have a photo of the mystery food, consider posting them here.

Note that I may not always be able to answer things in a timely manner, or at all.

Before you ask a question, please be sure to search both sites first to see if your answer is already there. (Chances are if it is and it's easy to find, I may not answer your question for some time, if at all.) Also, if it's a question pertaining to a specific article on Just Hungry or Just Bento, please ask it in the comments there. Thanks!

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