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With the kids (or yourself) not in school and the lazy days of summer stretching before you, are you feeling the need for a little bento inspiration? Then the big 2011 Bento Contest sponsored by our friends over at Bento&co is for you! 20 great prizes are up for grabs, and the 1st prize is a biggie - a one week trip to Kyoto, including the full use of a private home in Kyoto, sponsored by Vivre le Japon / Japan Experience ! (Note: read the contest rules to see if you can use the prize if you win...the trip has to take place in September.) 2nd through 10th prizes are products donated by a very nice lineup of bento box producers, and 11th through 20th are gift certificates for the Bento&co online store I would enter for a chance at that Kyoto trip myself, but I'm not eliglble since I'll be helping with the judging.

The theme of the contest is A bento for someone you love. The bento does not have to be a charaben. I myself will be looking for lots of color, healthiness, and seasonality.

So...good luck, and get your bento artistry in gear! I'm really looking forward to looking at your creative entries!

(Note: Any questions about the contest rules, etc. should be directed to Bento&co.)

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