Back To School Special Offer from Japonmania

The Back To School Week deals continue! First up today are two discount codes from Japonmania, our newest site sponsor, to give you a little taste of their shop.


Japonmania is based in Kawasaki, Japan, and specializes in all kinds of Japanese products both traditional and modern/cute. They carry bento boxes and supplies of course, as well as things like cute kokeshi dolls, traditional Japanese clothing like yukata and tabi and a whole lot more, including the mysterious Mogu Design People pillows.

So here are your discount codes!

5LY2U is the JustBento Back to School code for 5€ ($6.50 US) off on any order above 45 Euros ($58.50 US) excluding shipping fees.

RM0XBJ is the JustBento Back to School code for 10€ ($13 US) off on any order above 75 Euros ($97.50 US) excluding shipping fees.

Both codes are valid worldwide, or wherever Japonmania ships. (If in doubt whether they will ship to you, contact them first.)

The fine print:

  • This coupons can be used for any products from the Japonmania catalog.
  • The shipping fees are excluded from the eligible order amount.
  • Both coupons are valid until 9 AM Japan Time (GMT +9) on August 24th.
  • The discount will show on the order confirmation page during checkout. It doesn't show up on the shopping cart.
  • The discount codes can only be used once per order. However, both codes can be used as many times as you want for multiple orders.

Have fun shopping! (I can't stop looking at those Mogu People...)

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