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Bento Box And Bento Making Goods From Japan

Hi!! I’m thrilled to offer you cute bento boxes and bento making items (egg shaper, food cutter, onigiri mold, nori cutter, bento cups and etc) . Every item on our site is hand selected, packaged and shipped from the Japanese countryside like you shopped there yourself. Chosen for an international audience you will find an eclectic collection of items far beyond the typical Hello Kitty gadgets people associate with Japanese retail products.


Lock & Lock lunch sets found on Australian site

Please forgive me if you already knew about this ... I found a site in Australia that sells four-piece Lock & Lock lunch sets like the one I used for , but not the same colors. I have no idea where they'll ship to, I just sort of stumbled upon the site. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, have never tried shopping there, all that disclaimer stuff. But there you go, Ozzies, have at it!
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